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Viator - Wheelhouse

The wheelhouse provides a lovely area with an upholstered bench and is fully demountable for traversing low bridges. The superstructure was completely rebuilt in 2016 with double glazing throughout and new doors. The roof comprises 3 longways panels, with aluminium rain gutters between.

There are cottage style entrance doors on both sides with thumbscrew style joints. The doors are secured internally with sliding bolts, and externally via locking hasps. There are hooks to hold the doors open and when split these hooks allow the top doors to remain in place while the wheelhouse is demounted.

The wheelhouse floor can be lifted to provide access to the engine. The floor also contains locators for the demountable table stored in the bedroom. In normal use these are covered with removable rugs.

The dashboard is in two sections and is removable (with care) to access the wiring loom. To the starboard side is a large area reserved for charts and maps. The controls across the front panel consist of

There is some storage below the wheel and also in the space liberated when we replaced the main hydraulic control valves in 2017. There is an easily accessible fire extinguisher located on the forward bulkhead.

To the rear of the wheelhouse is a wooden shelf which covers the rear of the bathroom. Below is a upholstered bench with plenty of storage below. The bottom of this storage area is removable and provides access to the top of the holding tank.

Starboard of the bench is a raised seat, with a lift up storage area below. Below this is a small shelf - ideal as a handy tool store.

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