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Viator - Stern Cabin & En Suite

The stern cabin is accessed via the rear wheelhouse steps and comprises king size walk around bed, electric mascerator toilet and fitted bathroom with sink, bath and shower over. There are 4 portholes and a double glazed escape hatch at the rear. The companionway and bedroom is carpeted with fitted hard wearing carpet. The bathroom and toilet have linoleum flooring.

As you enter there is a toilet room behind a set of bi-folding doors (new in 2020). The toilet is a Jabsco Quiet Flush electric model fitted in 2019 operated by two buttons mounted on the rear bulkhead. The toilet is a mascerator style which discharges into a 400 litre holding tank in the engine room. This allows for at least 3 weeks of full time usage for two people between pump outs. The flush water is pulled from the outside via a valved feed pipe - essential for European cruising where water is paid for.

Forward of the toilet is a 4kg Candy washing machine located in it's own steel housing and accessed via bi-folding door. Above is a small cupboard (also with bi-folding door) which contains the water pipes for the shower and also the header tank for the central heating system. Next to this cupboard is a storage space for the supplied ironing board.

Opposite is a hand washing basin with hot and cold taps - draining to the exterior directly below. Also here is further storage and a place to keep the demountable table from the wheelhouse. There is one of 3 statutory fire extinguishers mounted to the wall at floor level. Astern of the toilet compartment is a full height wardrobe with rail, and two doors secured with magnetic clips. There is a full height mirror on the rear of the front door. Behind the wardrobe is a radiator which warms the bedroom in the wintertime. This is heated from the bubble stove in the saloon.

The bed is king size and has access down both sides. There are drawers and shelves under the gunwhales on both sides along with storage spaces under each side of the bed. There are two deep drawers which have been mounted on casters under the end of the bed, with a further storage in the centre. If the mattress is lifted there is a small storage compartment underneath. Above the bed is a double glazed escape hatch - built by Baxter Boat Services in 2019. This cleverly hinges in both directions, to allow some ventilation - or - in very hot weather it can be opened right out onto the roof. This latter configuration will also allow for escape in cases of emergency.

Lifting the mattress completely off the bed reveals the hydraulic drive motor (pipework was renewed in 2018) along with short shaft and stern gland. Below the stern gland is a sealed compartment containing a submersible bilge pump (operated from a switch in the wheelhouse). This ensures that any drips from the stern gear don't make their way into the rest of the bilge. The seals on the drive motor were also replaced in 2018, and the shaft checked for alignment. There is a single thrust bearing on the shaft with a grease point.

Either side of the bed are lockers with access from the top. The locker on the starboard side contains a turn down grease gun attached via nylon tube to the stern gland below the bed. A turn or two on this after a days cruise will prevent too many drips from the stern gear.

Forward of the bed are a set of built in shelves.

To the port side - ahead of the bed is the en-suite bathroom - with a curtain across the entrance for privacy. There is a double mains supply point here which can serve either the bedroom or bathroom. There is also a towel rail here - previously heated by the redundant diesel system. To starboard is set of 4 drawers, with a large linen cupboard above. To port is a large wash basin with cupboard below. This cupboard contains the drain pump for the bath which has been boxed in to provide better storage options.

Forward is a three-quarter length bath with a shower unit above. The bath is emptied via a 12v electric pump operated by a switch on the side of the bath.

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